About Us

Both Steve and Yvette grew up in Illinois, about 5 hours away from each other. When they met in grad-school (2006), they realized they had quite a bit in common, including their love for God and helping others know Him better. Both have a great love for reaching teens and college students for Christ.

Steve graduated from Lincoln Christian College (now University) with his B.A. in Youth Ministry in 2005. Yvette graduated from Eastern Illinois University with her B.A. in Journalism, also in 2005. Both graduated with their M.A. in General Ministry (counseling focus) from Lincoln Christian University in 2013.

Steve & Yvette were married on January 3, 2009.  They now serve God together in Colorado.  Steve is the youth pastor at LifeBridge Christian Church. Before that, he was the youth pastor at Rockingham Christian Church for 10 years and served in the student ministry of Jefferson Street Christian Church for approximately 6 years. Yvette (along with volunteering at LBCC) is a speaker and author. She also spent eight years as a supported employment counselor, illness management recovery specialist, community support counselor, and clinical case manager.

In addition to their daily work, Steve and Yvette are open to speaking at different camps, retreats, or events. They are also trained SYMBIS pre-marital counseling facilitators. They have a deep love for sharing God’s love with others, and it is their goal to take every opportunity they can to do just that.